Blitzkrieg Ireland 2016 Gary J Byrnes

A dystopian vision of Ireland in the near future

This is a very short, free story about what might happen when Ireland can no longer afford to pay her debts to the European Central Bank.
What readers say:

"Have to be careful as my review may be longer than the book! Believable accurately researched short story of the bailout of Ireland."

"Interesting story with great imagery. Ironic re-imagination of real world politics with a good twist at the end."

"The first chapter of this book was so strange, I couldn't continue reading. The premise was really out there (said the devoted zombie fan). It wasn't necessarily bad, just too weird for me."

Gary says: "This story is only one chapter long and doesn't have any zombies in it. Unless you consider bankers to be zombies. And it's free, which you don't get a lot from bankers. Too weird."