Pure Mad Gary J Byrnes

Limerick, Ireland, 2005. You could call it the wild west in this very adult, existential thriller

Pure Mad was nominated for the Crime Writers' Association Dagger Award. A crazed car wreck of cocaine, sex, guns and African black magic. Russian and Irish mobsters, the IRA and missing kids. Imagine everything converging in Limerick, on the wild west coast of Ireland, where amateur private detective Charlie Doyle is hired to get proof of adultery.

What starts off as an ordinary job leads Charlie into a blizzard of gang warfare, drug running, illicit sex, child murder, muti and madness. Events force Charlie to become a vigilante, someone who will stand against the barbarians at the gate. But will the experience drive him over the edge, beyond sanity?

This book is essential reading for all lovers of noir crime thrillers. Also for anyone who wants to experience Ireland's seedy underbelly.

The Author's Cut features restored scenes, a new cover and a stunning twist ending that makes the story rattle around your head for weeks after you've read it.