The God Virus Gary J Byrnes

A twisting, transrealist conspiracy thriller

Epic, surreal sci-thriller, set in the world of crime forensics. Living and working in Essex, England, forensic scientist William Bunk's life is messed around when he finds mysterious DNA samples in the post. His wife is murdered and he becomes the prime suspect. Could there be a bizarre connection between the Homo erectus DNA and that space dust from NASA? Obviously.

Maybe Bunk has scientific proof that God is superfluous, does not need to exist? 'Dark forces' will stop at nothing to destroy the evidence. A dirty bomb attack on London brings Bunk to the edge. Will Guantánamo Bay crush him? Or can Bunk find a hidden truth at Tunguska and cure humanity of its most deadly infection: the God virus?

A fast-paced, globe-spanning thriller with a mind-blowing conclusion from Dagger Award Nominee Gary J Byrnes.
If you read this story, please let me know what you think of the ending. What it makes you think.