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Water Fluoridation

Ireland is the only country in the European Union which requires all local authorites, by law, to add fluoride to the public drinking water supply. This policy was brought in by a Fianna Fail minister, Sean MacEntee, in the early 60s on the basis that it was cheaper than hiring dentists. MacEntee's other big idea was that trade protectionism would boost indigenous industry. In other words: What a deluded idiot.

This warning label is found on all fluoride toothpaste in the US:

Water fluoridation is wrong for many, many reasons. This list, by Paul Connett, PhD
Professor of Chemistry, St. Lawrence University, NY, is scientifically backed and pretty much says it all:

Read the list and you will wince when you next drink a glass of water from an Irish tap. Indeed, if at all possible, you should avoid drinking Irish tap water. Infants should never be given Irish tap water and it should not be used to prepare infant formula feeds. If you know anyone planning to visit Ireland, please pass this advice on to them.


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Tara Valley

I was strongly against the building of the M3 motorway through the Tara Skryne Valley. The route chosen was between the Hill of Tara and Newgrange. The project was completed by the Fianna Fail/Green Party Government which pushed Ireland into bankrupcy and the IMF/ECB/UK bailout. So the M3 was just another massive, stupid mistake. And I'm a fan of motorways, just not ones that bulldoze the cradle of human civilisation. I'm pleased that the Green Party has been erased in Ireland's 2011 Election. Karma?

I made a film of a great protest on the Hill of Tara, watch it here or on my YouTube channel,

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Ireland's Peasantry

Here's a quick film about the day the awful truth dawned on Ireland and this peasant lost it:

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